Whether it is meeting somebody new or catching up with the artists and gallery owners we work with, Hawk Fine Art is often on the road. Every city has its own individual character to offer and so does each painting. This months blog showcases the landscape art we love from London all the way up into Edinburgh. Take a Look.

Rayford – Summer in London

Rayford brings us a bright, beautiful and bouncy scene of Tower Bridge in London. This piece captures vibrancy and movement of life when living in the city.

Craig Everett – The Bank Getaway

These nostalgic northern scenes gives us images of the midlands and way up to every old coal mining town above. Let the warmth you see through each little window pull you back to the past. Find more from Craig.

Ben Goymour – Make Your Own Path

Enter the mountain tops of the Lake District with Ben Goymour. Inspired by his treks, Ben has a lot of imagery to work from, these peaks in particular were painted with the Lake District in mind

Chris Pennock – Beach Path to Bamburgh

Hidden gems found on the Northumberland coast. Chris Pennock invites us into the enchanted world of Bamburgh Castle. Hear the waves and feel the flowers at your fingertips as you walk in.

Danny Abrahams – Edinburgh the City of Dreams

Last on our list is Edinburgh, we have made it all the way into Scotland. Danny Abrahams rides us home, the sun is setting and we can make it home just in time on our bike.